Interracial Dating  
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How would you handle your parents not being happy with you dating outside your race?

Even though we are living in 2014, there are still quite a few old school parents out there who would highly disapprove of their child dating someone if another race. Would you be able to continue your relationship steadily, or would you drop you're mate for your parents? How would you handle either decision?


I would continue on with my relationship.

I am my own person and I will not let my parent's bias opinions get in the way of being with my possible soulmate.




I would end my relationship for my parents.

My parents have known me all my life and we will always be blood so why should I give that up for a relationship and connection I could possibly find with someone else.

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Would you date a friends ex?

Your friend breaks up with her man or his woman, and you think it's a big mistake. You think the guy or girl is pretty cool, should you date him or her?

Would you date a coworker?

Dating is hard enough, and it will be more difficult when it comes to interracial dating. If you've found yourself attracted to a coworker - someone on your team, a different department or just simply in the same building. Would you pursue or allow a relationship to flourish?

Would you mind your spouse snooping through your phone?

It's said that many issues and drama start from snooping through your partner`s phone records. In spite of this, few can avoid this temptation. Based on a survey from a TV station, 70# pf 1500 people surveyed said that they have checked their partners text messages and phone records. In other words, your partner has a 70% chance of snooping through your cell phone. So, would you mind your spouse snooping through your phone records?